CPR $35   First aid $35   BBP $15

New Heartsaver Total courses from the American Heart Association are designed for anyone with little

or no medical training who needs first aid and/or CPR training and a course completion card for

job, regulatory (e.g., OSHA), or other regulatory or licensing requirements. Heartsaver courses can also

be taken by anyone who wants to be prepared to act in an emergency at work or home.


Adult CPR and AED Use

Opioid-associated Life-threatening Emergencies

Child CPR and AED Use

Infant CPR

Choking in an Adult, Child, or Infant 

Bloodbourne Pathogen Course: 

The course teaches employees how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials. This course meets OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogens training paired with site-specific instruction.

Childcare workers

Security guards

Maintenance workers

School personnel

Hotel housekeepers

Health and fitness club staff and Tattoo artists